Saturday, June 1, 2019

Eastern Region Nigeria and the truth, pt. 5: Economic Development Projects

Written by Chibuzo Ihuoma

It is not uncommon to hear the claim that the Igbo marginalized the minority groups of the former Eastern Region in terms of development. The tale being propagated is that development projects were sited in Igboland while the other ethnic lands were left to rot and erode. That is far from the truth, in fact, it is pure bunkum. To begin, the Eastern Regional Government, as proven in my previous pieces, was a diverse government and the Igbo were not solely operating the government. Administration of the Eastern Region was a collective effort of all ethnic groups.

The pieces of evidence below are information printed by the Eastern Regional Government of the developmental projects across the region executed by the Eastern Nigeria Development Corporation. What you will discover is that the minority areas, including the areas now dubbed as "minority" areas, even received more projects than the Igbo area. The corporation was not only established to develop areas, they also built roads, but primarily to manage trade and income for the region. Just to iterate, the corporation was an outfit instituted by the government. It does not mean that this was the primary vehicle used by the government to bring development to the region. Nonetheless, feast your eyes: 


I will round this up by saying truth will always resurface. The lies of marginalization under the former Eastern Region are pure lies fed to Nigerians in order to oppress and suppress. As you can see, as you saw with government positions in my earlier pieces, even the claim of not siting and establishing development projects or industries in the minority areas is nothing but fables.

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