Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Eastern Region Nigeria and the truth, pt. 4: House of Assemblies

Written by Chibuzo Ihuoma

The House of Assembly is the legislative branch of government. It consists of individuals chosen to represent the people of each division of the region and to make laws. All provinces had lawmakers and these were representatives from each division of the various provinces. If you were not from the division you could not be its representative.

The presentation of the various assemblies is important in this exposé for two reasons:
1. There are areas east of the River Niger that consists of people with very low IQs
2. People actually think that the former Eastern Regional Parliament was made up of only Igbos or that it consisted just of a handful of non-Igbos
3. The Nigerian state knows that Nigerians don't know how the political system worked back then because they have hidden history from Nigerians and banned it from schools so as to perpetuate their lies against the Igbo race. That is why in many write-ups, some government sponsored and others simply written by individuals who hate Igbos, commonly would write things that say something like this "In the Eastern Region, Igbos took up all the positions..." How someone would believe Igbos can take the house seats in lets say places like Degema, Uyo, Ogoni, etc. puzzles me. But like I said, history was hidden (at least until now) and ignorance is bliss.

Below are the various houses of assembly of the former Eastern Region:

                         The 1951 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

The 1954 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

The 1957 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

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