Thursday, November 30, 2017

Bachama demand report on the massacres by the Fulani before the Numan reprisal attack


We demand the immediate implementation of the the Report of the Administrative panel set up by the Bindow Administration to investigate the circumstances surrounding the massacre of of local natives from Koh, Tambo, Kwayini and Gereng Towns and villages and the prosecution of the culprits.
The continued silence by government over the matter is an indication of failure, insensitivity and bad governance and an action capable of throwing the state into further crises and uncontrollable violence in some parts of the state.

We wish to state that the Shafuron experience of Kodomti ward in Numan Local Government may not be unconnected to government persistent silence and insensitivity to the prevailing mayhem and terror unleashed by killer herdsmen on local communities.

We also want to ask the government to call to order the Miyetti Allah cattle Association
Over its provocative media pronouncements and position against the introduction of Anti-open Grazing and Ranching Bill by some States of the Federation lately. Its pronouncements is not only capable of jeopardizing the relationship between local communities and herdsmen but promoting violence in various parts of the state. If we may ask, why were the voices of Miyetti not heard when casualties were recorded among the locals during their hostile activities? Why was their voices loudest when their kinsmen were killed on the Mambilla and Kodomti in Numan, Adamawa State? Our silence and liberality should not be misconstrued for weakness.

From unfolding events and experiences, our communities may be forced to defend themselves against any hostility by killer herdsmen since the government has failed woefully in defending our people whom it has vowed to protect.

We wish to use this opportunity to call on the Adamawa State House of Assembly to enact a Bill on Anti-open Grazing And Ranching Bill to curb the heinous activities of killer herdsmen in the state.
We wish to make it categorically clear that if the government fails to take up appropriate measures to secure our people from killer herdsmen, we may be forced to declare Numan Federation as a danger zone for Fulani herdsmen.

While we pledge our our loyalty and respect to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we expect that custodians of our laws should be seen performing their roles diligently and perfectly.

Vakai Ndagoso
Numan Federation Alliance Group.

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