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1959: "Minorities not in support of C-O-R Movement"—Eyo Ita, leader of C-O-R Movement steps down

Written by Chibuzo Ihuoma

The late Professor Eyo Ita has been the bud of many arguments in relation to the false claim of domination of eastern minorities by the Igbo. Some of these arguments being hatched by overemotional, brainwashed, and beggarly individuals, mostly of Igbo extraction, who refuse to read and learn the history. These otherwise beggarly individuals do so in order to bow to minorities of the former Eastern Region Nigeria so as to lull them into a Biafra project. Such act is anything but honorable.

A little insight on the late Chief Eyo Ita, Ita was the Leader of Government Business of the Eastern Region Nigeria from 1951-1953. The Leader of Government Business position was a quasi-Premier position. Quasi for the fact that under the constitution at the time, the McPherson Constitution, even though the regions were given more administrative independence from the British Empire, the regions were still run by British administrators. The British lieutenant governors of Eastern Nigeria during Ita's rule as Leader of Government Business were:
  • 1951-1952: James Greenville Pyke-Nott
  • 1952-1954: Clement John Pleass
Apart from the fact that the Eastern Region had a British governor, the Leader of Government Business was the highest position, and it was an elected position. The position was regarded as a figure-head position, in some instances taking on full duties of the lieutenant-governor. As said, this was an elected position, meaning both Igbo and minority members of the ruling party elected him. His removal in 1953 came as a result of a political strong-arm by the Zik of Africa, late Chief Nnamdi Azikiwe. Zik had lost out in his Lagos bid then returned to the East, used his clout, newspaper, and his charming charisma to cause a deadlock in the regional government which eventually led to him clinching the newly created political position introduced to Nigeria under the 1954 Lyttleton Constitution: Premier. In my opinion, the move was a little too ambitious; however, the fact remains that this is politics and NCNC members, which consisted of both Igbos and minorities, aided Zik in the unseating of Ita. There was never a time where it was majority against minority. What there was was Zik loyalists and Ita loyalists, both groups cut across ethnic backgrounds.

To conclude, below is the leader from the Calabar-Ogoja-Rivers (COR) movement himself, Professor Eyo Ita, denouncing the COR movement and his opposition party. He admits that collectively minorities and people of the various provinces did not support the proposed state creations and that it was ill-advised. After all, it was a hatch job by the Western Regional Government, more precisely the Action Group (AG), employed to seize the opportunity provided by the Ita "overthrow" to cause an Igbo vs. minority rift to hasten a breakup of the Eastern Region to weaken its political power. It failed. Anyway, hear from the leader of the movement himself and let this be on record for those of the school of lies and those too lazy to do their bit of research:

Eastern Region Nigeria and the truth, pt. 4: House of Assemblies

Written by Chibuzo Ihuoma

The House of Assembly is the legislative branch of government. It consists of individuals chosen to represent the people of each division of the region and to make laws. All provinces had lawmakers and these were representatives from each division of the various provinces. If you were not from the division you could not be its representative.

The presentation of the various assemblies is important in this exposé for two reasons:
1. There are areas east of the River Niger that consists of people with very low IQs
2. People actually think that the former Eastern Regional Parliament was made up of only Igbos or that it consisted just of a handful of non-Igbos
3. The Nigerian state knows that Nigerians don't know how the political system worked back then because they have hidden history from Nigerians and banned it from schools so as to perpetuate their lies against the Igbo race. That is why in many write-ups, some government sponsored and others simply written by individuals who hate Igbos, commonly would write things that say something like this "In the Eastern Region, Igbos took up all the positions..." How someone would believe Igbos can take the house seats in lets say places like Degema, Uyo, Ogoni, etc. puzzles me. But like I said, history was hidden (at least until now) and ignorance is bliss.

Below are the various houses of assembly of the former Eastern Region:

                         The 1951 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

The 1954 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

The 1957 Elected members of the Eastern House of Assembly

Monday, December 11, 2017

Army claims Buratai was not injured by Boko Haram

The Nigerian Army has claims reports that the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai, was wounded in an alleged ambush by Boko Haram terrorists as false.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman, Director Army Public Relations in a statement on Saturday said Gen.Buratai was not ambushed, urging the public to disregard report of ambush on any of its troops in the northeast.

The statement reads “The Chief of Army Staff has not been involved in any ambush. In any case, there was no any recently reported ambush against any of our troops anywhere let alone in the North East.

“Nothing has happened to the Chief of Army Staff, he is hale and hearty and conducting his official duties diligently.

“The gallant troops are currently dealing decisive blows on the Boko Haram Terrorists in the Lake Chad area.

” Over 60 of the terrorists have either been captured or neutralised in the last 3 days. The Nigerian Army is also closing up with the political Boko Haram terrorists and their collaborators.

“They will soon be exposed and the law will take its course against them.”


Yobe gov suspends LG boss over N38m Hajj fraud

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, has approved the suspension of the Chairman of  Potiskum Local Government, Alhaji Moh’d Musa, over misappropriation of Hajj fund.

According to a statement issued by the Press Secretary in the governor’s office, Shuaibu Abdullah, the governor acted after the recommendations of an investigative committee set up by the House of Assembly.

He said an investigative committee was constituted by the Assembly following a report by the Pilgrims Commission, which indicted the embattled chairman and some council officials to have misappropriated N38.9 million 2017 Hajj fare paid to the local government by 33 intending pilgrims.

“His suspension was as a result of the report from the Pilgrims Commission, which confirmed that 33 potential pilgrims from Potiskum Local government, who paid to perform the 2017 Hajj could not do so because the fund deposited with the council was misappropriated by the chairman and other persons,” Abdullah said.

Others indicted by the report and house committee included the Hajj collector for the local government and the council’s former treasurer and director of personnel management.


Binis are settlers in our land, we will defend our territory with our blood – Ijaw leaders

THE Ijaw in Okomu,  Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State, yesterday, declared that. contrary to the claim by the Binis that they own all the land occupied by the Ijaw in the state, the Binis are actually the settlers in their land, vowing that they will use all they have to protect their territory.

They accused Edo State government and the palace of the Oba of Benin of an attempt to  deny them of their ancestral rights and ownership of Okomu land.

The Ijaw then admonished Binis to read the historical background of the entire Ijaw land in Edo State as written by a Bini son, Dr Egharevba, adding that they will find out that the land belongs to the Ijaw.

Chief Sunday Ajele, the Fiyewei of Okomu Kingdom, explained the position of the Ijaw while speaking to journalists in Okomu. He listed the moves to deny them their rights to include their denial of a  permanent seat on the Board of Directors of Okomu Oil and Rubber Plc, reportedly approved by the Presidency for Okomu Kingdom, the discriminatory employment policy against indigenes of Okomu in the last 40 years by the state government and the refusal of Osse Rubber Company, located in their land, to visit their host community because of pressure from the Edo government on the firm to recognise Udo, a neighbouring Benin settlement.

He said: “The administrative headquarters of Ovia South West Local Government Area, which controls  Okomu and Benin area of the council, is nothing but an outpost of the Benin Empire; it has been the viceroy of the Benin monarch and that of Edo State government in carrying out repugnant policies against the people of Okomu Kingdom by using the staff of the local government, who are of Benin descent, to indulge in illegal and immoral act of change of company names located in Okomu Kingdom to reflect Benin ownership by adding the Benin settlement of Udo.

“Thus companies formally incorporated with only Okomu as host community now carry the affix, Okomu Oil Plc – Okomu-Udo; Osse Rubber Estate Osse-Udo; and Okomu National Park – Araukhan-Udo”.

Ajele, flanked by other chiefs and indigenes of the area, asserted that provocation by Edo State government and the Benin monarch led to the conflagration   of July 30, 2015 between the Okomu community and Okomu Oil PLC, which necessitated the intervention of the Joint Military Task Force (JTF) after the state Peace and Conflict Committee failed to remedy the situated.

In a reaction, however, the Oba of Benin, through his Chief Press Secretary, Comrade Desmond Agbama, said it is wrong for the Ijaw whether from Gelegele of Okomu, to claim that the forest reserves and the land accommodating various companies in the area belong to them.

He said the entire Okomu area is part of Benin Kingdom with one paramount ruler,  the Oba of Benin, adding that, by so doing, it is natural that any royalty accruing from such must go to the state government and whoever is the traditional ruler overseeing the entire place.


Imo House Crises: Lawmakers trade words over Nwosu endorsement claim

The crisis rocking the Imo State House of Assembly may be far from over as the Speaker, Dr. Acho Ihim, has distanced the lawmakers from the recent endorsement of Governor Rochas Okorocha’s son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, as the next governor of the state by 2019.

The Chairman, House Committee on Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission and Niger Delta Development Commission, Henry Ezediaro, representing Oguta state Constituency, had last week announced Nwosu’s  endorsement by the lawmakers.

Ezediaro, who claimed that the House had endorsed Nwosu, who is also the Chief of Staff to the Governor, as the best person to succeed Okorocha in 2019 had also maintained that all his colleagues were party to the endorsement.

But the embattled House said it was only concerned with its constitutional mandate of making laws for the good of the citizens of the state and not in the business of endorsing anybody for any political office.

It therefore described the claim as “mind-boggling” and unbecoming of an honourable lawmaker.

The Speaker, who reacted through a press statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Marcel Ekwezuo, on Sunday  said, “I am constrained to debunk the news making the rounds that the lmo State House of Assembly has unanimously endorsed Ugwumba Uche Nwosu as the next governor of lmo State come 2019. Uche Nwosu is one of our own and is eminently qualified to contest the governorship of our dear state.

“No doubt, he is a member of the APC and a citizen of lmo State and these therefore give him the right to vote and be voted for. However, it needs be made clear that at no time did the members of the lmo State House of Assembly which comprises elected members of the APC and the PDP meet and endorse Ugwumba  Uche Nwosu as our preferred  governorship  candidate  or any person for that matter.

“The job of elected members of the House of Assembly is to make laws and make resolutions at the plenary that will impact positively on the lives of the people of lmo State. Endorsement of candidates for whatever position is not part of it.

“Each member is at liberty to have preference for any aspirant of their choice but certainly not a House matter. Its therefore mind-boggling that a distinguished  honourable member  is quoted to have granted a press interview  declaring that  the 27 honourable members have endorsed  Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.”

The Speaker’s aide added, “Yes, power comes from God and He gives it to whosoever He wills and if Ugwumba is favoured by God for this job then so be it. It is the duty of the APC as a party to produce a candidate and if that candidate is Ugwumba Uche Nwosu  then the Honourable  members of the APC extraction  are duty bound to support the candidate.

“In the light of the foregoing, l want to believe  that Hon  Henry  Ezediaro  who is at liberty  to  personally  support  whoever he wants to support  was quoted out of context by saying the entire 27 members have endorsed   Ugwumba Uche Nwosu and even donated 27 buses also went further  to dare  Governor Anayo Rochas Okorocha.

“The entire lmolites are, therefore, advised to discountenance the said publication as that  of course  is the figment of imagination of the writer and has no bearing with the lmo State House of Assembly  and her revered  members.”

However, when contacted, Ezediaro remained adamant on the controversial endorsement, insisting that, “if the House leadership says it is not in support of the endorsement does it reduce the fact that majority of the House members met and endorsed Nwosu as the next governor? We are standing on our decision and very soon I am going to make the names of the said members public.”


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fayose attacks Buhari for refusing to punish ‘killer herdsmen’ in Adamawa

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of refusing to take actions against killer herdsmen.

Fayose said this on Tuesday in a condolence message to those killed in fresh attacks in Adamawa state by Fulani herdsmen.

“Today, my heart goes to the families of those people killed in Adamawa by herdsmen. It appears that herdsmen have replaced Boko Haram in that state and one wonders why the president is always reluctant to take actions against the herdsmen,” he said via his Twitter handle.

DAILY POST reports that Fulani herdsmen had on Monday attacked two communities of Lawaru and Dong in Demsa Local Government Area, Adamawa State.

The attack came after a widely rumoured report of Fulani herdsmen lurking in the area, Sunday night.

Fayose, who was in Adamawa, to commiserate with the state government, said Buhari had deliberately turned deaf ears to the excesses of his Fulani kinsmen.